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smART Paintings: When Science, Math and Art Collide!

smART Paintings: When Science, Math and Art Collide!

Artist John Barge III & math teacher Alecia McGill sign their 1st art collab. LaVerne, CA.

What happens when a math teacher is writing her books at Starbucks and an artist is working on sketches next to her? They end up doing a math and art collab duh? 

2016 Alecia set out to bring mathematical topics and visuals to life with John’s brilliant artistic ability. Their first piece, ”Figures Hidden“ displays the super computer mathematicians of NASA: Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughn portrayed by actresses Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer respectively. The concept was to “Hide” geometric figures and equations and formulas throughout the piece, some of the same quadratic equations the women used to send John Glenn to space! Thus the title “Figures Hidden!” The piece was made with red wine, chocolate and 24 karat gold leaf.  John Barge's eco-sustainable art is unmatched and his artistic ability is like no others.  

Alecia and John went on to collaborate on 3 other pieces including Tangram Zoo-ometry, The Mind is a playground and The Nature of Fibonacci!

John Barge also created the Fibonacci pineapple for Alecia’s book cover as well as other pieces of art included in her book!

Their next two pieces include Pythagoras and tesselations with more to come in 2019!

Check out John’s work on his webiste

Exclusive Signed Art: Figures Hidden!


The first 100 will include John Barge III signature signed to you; first name and last unless noted otherwise on order.