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Math Teacher adds new word to the Dictionary after creating new math method

Connect Core was an exhibitor at the California Math Council November 2018

Alecia McGill currently serves as an instructional math coach in Bonita Unified Schools in San Dimas California as well as a .4 teacher at San Dimas High School. 2018 marks her 16th year  in math education after two masters degrees and undergrad work at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan where she was born and raised. (Sterling Heights; close enough) A few of Alecia‘s professional highlights include being named “Teacher of the Year” twice in her career (she taught in a Michigan for 9 years prior to moving to California), attending the Galileo Leadership Academy, working on the common core roll out for Macomb County Michigan, as well as serving in other leadership capacities. 

Alecia began writing MaTh LABS in 2011,  self published the books in 2012 and subsequently decided to write a methodology book describing the method she created: thus The Mathetific Method was conceived! This trademarked word will be added to the dictionary,  but more importantly the methodology will transform classrooms creating Mathematician’s workshops, fostering a mathematical habit of mind every student and adult is capable of obtaining! 

Alecia has presented her ideas  in conferences from Orange County California to Palm Springs and districts in between. This method is currently being piloted in dozens of classrooms across California. 

Alecia enjoys writing, beaching, mathing, churching and supporting her three children in their endeavors. She‘s also been known to drop a few bars as “eM-C-Gill” and brake some ankles on the basketball court too! Currently, she enjoys attending her middle schoolers sporting events and cheering them on to victory!

Alecia began video blogging about the need to explore math topics visually in 2013 on her YouTube channel as she defended the common core math practices that focus on creating a student-centered classroom. Subscribe to her YouTube channel to catch up on these vlogs as well as viewing her new series “MaTh Minute w/ McGill“ weekly at: