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Discovering the Joy of Mathematics

Discovering the Joy of Mathematics

Discovering the Joy of MathematicsDiscovering the Joy of MathematicsDiscovering the Joy of Mathematics

Math Minute w/ McGill

Author Alecia McGill introduces the book: The Mathetific Method

Watch Now!

Watch the first math minute with McGill to learn a little more about this method!

Everyone has less than 2 minutes right? 


This program is being piloted in 28 classrooms as of November 3rd 2018!!!

Join the pilot by:

1. Purchasing  the book; The Mathetific Method to learn how to implement the labs successfully!

2. Buy the workbook for your grade level And have students keep a LABs notebook. Mathemataticians need to go back to their work and ask more questions. This notebook contains VIP status (Very Important Papers). 

3. Transform your classroom in to a mathematician’s workshop LAB. 

4. Email us to let us know how it’s going! Send pictures, send commentary: we would love to feature you on our website and Twitter!

Thank you for your commitment to spreading joy and the love for pattern-seeking to your classroom, one MaTh LAB at a time!


Alecia has presented across the state of California.  Her workshops are teacher hands-on, minds-on!

Teacher Workshop

I offer half or full day training on implementing the supplemental, but essential, discovery-based program: MaTh LABS (c) using the Mathetific Method (TM).  Grade level teams will work through a progression of labs, share and reflect on them, develop strong questioning strategies,  and learn how to use authentic formative and summative assessments with the LABS (full day).  Participants will also learn how to incorporate other tasks sequentially to develop a cohesive mini unit balancing discovery tasks with rich problem solving tasks for optimal student learning.  Email to learn more about scheduling district Workshop LABS with Connect Core.  

Let‘s discover the Joy of Mathematics together and transform our classrooms to a collaborative mathematician’s workshop! This is joy! This is mathematics!

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I want to ensure your implementation of this method is joyous for both the teacher and student.  Please send me emails of any feedback.  Thank you for your commitment to providing quality exploratory opportunities for your students.

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